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Pensu's mission is to help businesses reach their highest digital potential.


Companies must use the right technologies to align their digital journey with their corporate and business goals. At Pensu, we are committed to supporting your digital journey into Industry 4.0

Customized app for industry 4.0

Advice and sale of LED screens for indoor and outdoor use. 5 years warranty

Advice and sale of network hardware. Routers. Switches. Access points

At Pensu, we will work with you to identify the right network infrastructure strategy to respond to your company’s immediate and future needs. We can assit you in desining , comission and support your network requirements.

Pensu Enterprise Digital X Solutions allows improvement and streamlining of your entire supply chain.

These solutions are designed to be be integrated to other systems (MES, SCADA, ERP, etc.) and applications or feed from them to enrich the overall business process.

Pensu’s frameworks and solutions are:

Inventory and warehouse management solutions (IWMS)

Pensu's Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions will enable real time tracking and location of raw materials, intermediate and end products, throughout your entire supply chain. Special features such as Economic Order Quantity, Reordering, Optimal Inventory, Discount Volume Leverage, Holding Costs and others can be adjusted to your planning, production capacity, lead times are available.

Production Management Solutions and Reporting (PMSR)

The data originated from factory floor machinery and other related systems is key to enable production improvement and factory effectiveness. In this context PMSR can support fulfill the real time demands and enable continuous production quality improvement and enhance predictive maintenance and product robustness while decreasing down time. Features related to production models, production overproduction, constraints and more are available. Pensu PMSR can help build tailor made dynamic production dashboards to facilitate the analysis and decision-making process.

Project Execution requires experience, rigor, common sense and a detailed agreed upon process. For each engagement, we make sure clients dead lines and budget are constantly benchmarked to project status.

We customize and align each project software requirement to your company business and operational objectives. The result is a highly efficient, cost-effective software solution that accelerates your digital journey towards Industry 4.0


Matched perfectly to suit your needs
Pensu's objective is to digitalize, improve, and streamline your entire supply chain by integrating the best software engineering practices and Enterprise Solutions.

Pensu's Enterprise Solutions include (a) Inventory and Stock management, Production, (b) Quality Process Improvement and (c) Intelligent Reporting. These solutions can be deployed on the cloud or on premises and include any necessary customizations, networking requirements analysis and integrations to third party applications and solutions.

Pensu’s Professional Services can help you in areas of Software Engineering, Networking and Cyber and Digital Transformation.

Avoid expensive licenses, hefty price tags for professional services, and complex, never-ending projects. Bring in Pensu's streamlined business engagement models, which can be flexibly adapted to your current needs and scale as you grow.


Scale your team

Pensu’s Enterprise Solutions and Professional Services are a proven, reliable, and cost-effective way to increase the size and productivity of your organization. You can opt to increase and scale your development team and grow organically as per project requirements.

Accelerate Software Delivery

With Pensu, you can also opt for our Professional Services to accelerate and optimize deliverables. We build teams or assign individuals that will fit your project’s unique needs. Our projects are also run under your preferred methodology, allowing us to ship features and deliverables fast and avoid fuzzy project requirements.

Tech stack

Pensu's Tech Stack comprises the most popular and yet emerging programming languages, frameworks, engineering skills and tools. The developers, engineers, and SMEs that work with us have the technology experience you may be looking for and are continuously upgrading and expanding their skills. Pensu will assist you in selecting the most convenient technology path using its ecosystem of solutions and services.

About us

Organizations – big and small, new or experienced – need to rely on facts and avoid opinion-based decision-making processes. Pensu is an organization designed to facilitate and improve the communication between people, machines, and between people and machines.RL.


Unentangled Digital Transformation. Get in touch or drop us a comment about your challenges. We love to hear and see if we can together unearth a creative solution.

  • The digital journey to factories, enterprises and SMBs alike poses multidimensional challenges. We at Pensu have the tools, solutions and organization to assist you in securing positive outcomes.
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